Machines Taking Over

I heard a radio debate the other day about what would happen if or when machines take over. The people contributing were not the highest level thinkers. The lead philosopher must have been a very patient man!

So what if machines DID take over?

It would change the education system

We’d get our identity from our passion

We would be feee to pursue any avenue

We would develop community for the connections toons

And the reaction to fake news being the desire for more science to combat the fake news. The desire for certainty and science wins.

Why do we help religious countries in Africa who denounce science and medicine in favour of Islam or Christianity? If we left them to their beliefs, their religious beliefs would get them killed and as such it would reduce the world population, reduce the African population but also help to eradicate religion from the planet by having all the believers dying off.

Maybe we are manifestations of god’s solipsism?

And then this guy disagrees with me:

‘Within 30 years, half of humanity won’t have a job,’ he said.

‘It could get ugly – there could be a revolution.’

Martinez claims this will lead to revolt, mass chaos and armed conflict, also adding that bullets will become the currency of America.