Links to Awesomeness

These are my favourite YouTube videos and atheist links:

America the not-so-great

Leviticus is wrong

Stephen Fry and Christopher Hitchens and then this from The Hitch.

Mac Hack?

Religion for Atheists

If you’re confused about evolution…

Probably the best Atheist web site

The only way forward for America

Why this guy isn’t a Muslim

No evidence for Jesus at all

Science is VITAL!

An historian’s YouTube evidence for no evidence of Jesus…

Psychology at work in politics and religion

Feeling skeptical about Jebus and the bible? I’m not surprised!

The future of secularism and atheism by Grayling on YouTube.

The Myth of Jesus of Nazareth.

And here’s a HUGE list of books that question Jesus totally.

Sam Harris DESTROYS Christianity. If only!

This is the best speech on Islam that I have heard.

This woman gives an excellent response to a woman who feels entitled.

Same woman demonstrating the teachings of Islam with their sights set on America.

Every time we have these debates, the vote goes in favour of NO RELIGION!

Ever wanted to know what a murderous bastard this god bloke really is?

Jesus is based on this. Obvious really…

Not sure about this one. What do you think? If Christians came from Jews, why are there still Jews?

This is a good page for all those who think religion (Islam here) is infallible…

If you’re not sure where you religion comes from, check out these pages – it’s Paganism!

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20 reasons why Christianity should be abandoned. Click here!

Noah’s flood myth demythed

The bible is EVIL!!!!!

Is this how life began on the planet? Should annoy the religious…

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