Communities Redefined

By defining and naming a “community”, you do the “community” a disservice.
While you still refer to a “Muslim community” within our towns and cities, you are negating Britain in its entirety. There shouldn’t be a Muslim community at all. There should only be a British community in any town. Naming the communities individually actually creates division.
When discussing the act of “grooming” a young Muslim into a terror organisation, one should consider the greater ramifications of the larger community. By stipulating it is only a Muslim community problem does little to strengthen the cohesion of the entire country.
Why do we never hear about the Jewish community, or the Chinese community in the UK? We only hear about the Muslim community.
By naming a community, you change the identity of the people within it, and those who identify with being a “Muslim” will find it difficult to associate with “British”, and make it easier for ISIS to enrol them into a Muslim organisation as it’s already part of their identity.
When you consider the indoctrination of children into a faith in their very early years, the “grooming” has already begun. Forcing rituals and linear thinking within a constrained framework IS grooming, but it is one with which religious people have no problem.
By the time ISIS has made contact with them, their job is made very much easier by virtue of the fact that their young minds are already so indoctrinated, socially susceptible and malleable that it takes little or no effort to coerce them in to the ranks of “suicide bomber”.
The focus by the media and the “Muslim community” is aimed at the wrong level of the social network and thinking structure that is their religious community. Instead, if children were allowed to be free thinkers until such an age that they could decide for themselves if they wanted to follow their parents into religion, then the job of ISIS would be so much more difficult, and the segregation of British (American etc) society by labelling its citizens would end within two generations.
This isn’t restricted to religious communities though. What about the “gay community”? By labelling themselves as separate, are they not doing the same thing as I mention above? Instead of doing Britain a disservice, they are actually doing the human race a disservice, as though being gay isn’t human and needs a different label.
I don’t hear anything about the “Hetero” community. Or the LGBT community. Shouldn’t there be an “LGBTH” community, so as not to leave anyone out?
I think the only community there should be is a Com-Human-ity…