Drawing a Blank

Would it be possible to actually think of nothing all day as you do your job?

Watching a person clean a brass door handle today I thought to myself, he must be thinking of something. If he isn’t, is he happy? If he didn’t know there was something better out there, is he content in himself and by virtue of that fact, happier than me in what he does?
My job entails endless thought, continual problem solving and hideous amounts of social interaction which in itself creates brain-storming conundrums.

My question is this: could an intelligent person consciously NOT think of anything all day just so he could do a job which was not taxing at all? Would I be able to not think of anything, not question anything, not respond to thought provocation all day long, for an indefinite period just so my job was more bearable? Would I be able to recreate the scenario of cleaning a brass door handle whilst not thinking of anything at all just to see if I am content at the end of the day?

Is the less conscious existence more fulfilling than that of the thinker? If everyone is supposedly unhappy due to consciousness, why choose to deepen the anxiety with unnecessary thought? The burden of the thinker is his ability to think.

I know this is very “Sartre” but I came to these conclusions before I read him. Nauseating, n’est pas?