Listening to the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2 just now, I was hearing the people calling in – mainly women – talk about how they have lost someone dear to them, like their husband or their father. One lady had a special female friend who she lost a few years ago, and each described how these loved ones still appear in their dreams, most of the time rather vividly.

It made me think. When you have a fantastically vivid dream about a very close human being who is no longer with you, that might not be a dream at all. 

In your grief you able to access an alternate and higher frequency in your brain, which happens to be the frequency of the neighbouring reality. Perhaps even the one closest to our own universe.

In this alternate reality, your loved one is still alive. And you are accessing the frequency of YOU in the other universe. So even though in your dream it might seem like you are talking to and interacting with your long-lost husband, feeling the love and energy as though you are still together, it is not you from this universe experiencing it.

You are connected to YOU in the other reality. There is no getting away from this connection, and it is this ever-present quantum frequency that keeps us connected to each reality around us, so we can experience the love and energy of something we have lost in this universe, but isn’t lost in the multiverse.

In an alternate reality, you are still with your husband. Which means that through your frequency-altering dreamstate, you are still with your husband too!

Wouldn’t that be awesome if it were true?