Fabrication of Jesus

Technically, this page should be called “The Euhemerized Jesus”. A mythical being is placed on earth in later stories to give him some humanity. Richard Carrier explains it in his video below.

The cult of Jesus is a peculiar one. There is no evidence for his existence at all. None. There might be evidence for a man named Jesus, but then it was a very common name, just like it is today in Mexico. But the Christ version of Jesus is the myth.

I would love to pull together here as many of the web pages that demonstrate beyond doubt that Jesus is a myth, but it would take me far longer than a Google search, so I will line up a few for you.

This new link goes right to the top of the list as it is simply amazing. Check this out!

Next, we go to Christopher Hitchens and his comments on a deluded rabbi.

This video is long but the most compelling argument for the fabrication of Jesus. I would urge you to watch it. Caesar’s Messiah…

And then let’s all take a moment to read this excellent web site on this very topic!

Richard Carrier has undertaken a six year study on the historicity of Jesus. Historicity is a terrible word, but he’s American. Here is one of the many videos he has on Youtube. Enjoy!

And here is a video demonstrating how the myth of Jesus is a direct copy of an Egyptian god. Watch it. It’s interesting.

And this is the Roman reason for Jesus. And this one.

And finally, an excellent link here. No historical evidence!

This looks like an interesting page… 1634 reasons why Christianity isn’t true. All 1634 are listed. It’s a HUGE resource.

Here’s another guy talking about how Jesus is a myth. It’s more compelling than he was the son of a god.

Finally, here is an article about Jesus as a boy. See? He was just a regular kid who inherited his dad’s “wanker” genes…