Gay Marriage 2

A point of view – still constructing though….What is so wrong with the concept of being attracted to a person of the same sex?
Why would it repel certain individuals to be disgusted that a man can be attracted to a man but the very night they discuss this, they are comfortable watching two women have sex on video?
It’s very passe to accept the lesbian chic as modern provided we do not condone men having sexual relations because that would be “against nature”.

This is the point I would like to make: I do not believe that anything is against nature.
If it can be done, it will be done and if it is being done, how can it not be natural?
Why is the act of a man with another man considered unnatural? Doesn’t it make you wonder about the intellect of those people condemning such an action? Does it make you think at all?
Do they hide behind the Bible or some other religious book (written by man) which suggests that homosexuality is not God’s intention for men and should therefore be outlawed?
It makes me wonder about God’s sense of humour. Why would he give men the tools and potential to have sex with each other if He considered it to be wrong? Now, some people will suggest that he also gave us the ability to kill each other but still condemned it in His commandments. I don’t remember reading the commandments and it specifying I should not have sex with a member of the same gender. In fact, from my reading, nowhere in the Bible does it tell me homosexuality is wrong. If it does, then please correct me.
Is it not more likely that the Bible was written by men who found the practice of homosexuality a taboo subject and therefore incorporated most of their own thoughts and opinions into what they were writing?
The Greeks did not have a word for “homosexual” and “heterosexual”. They took it for granted that a man would be attracted to a man and a woman would be attracted to a woman. Not only were they neighbours and brothers in arms when they went out to fight, but they were also lovers. Did this not make for a stronger union when fighting with each other? Would it not suggest a better comradeship if you know you are fighting with a person for whom you have feelings? Then why is homosexuality not allowed in our armed forces? It is not because it is wrong or because men think the army would not have the same effect if the “pink army” were to join the ranks. It is more to do with the point that men fear men. Men fear their own emotions towards something they have always been taught is against nature, or against God. I do not see the need to worry that the man next to me in my army barrack is attracted to me and would like to have sex with me because to him, it is perfectly natural and who am I to contradict nature? Would it be different if a woman were sleeping in the same barrack and she found me attractive and wanted to sleep with me? Why? Because that is “normal”? I say homosexuality is normal. I say everything is normal.
Where did it come from? The act of homosexual intercourse between men came about from a dominant and submissive relationship between two group members. In a confrontation, the submissive member of the group would adopt the subservient position (as the female) with his rear-end in the air and the dominant group member would enter him as a sign of his dominance.

The way I see it is this: Is it just a simple matter of mathematics?
If something is possible then it is natural. If 0.00001% (a very very small percentage) of people like to have sex with lizards, then that means at least 600 people on this planet like to have a sexual relationship with some form of reptile. Does this mean that all permutations are lived out because there are 6 billion people on this planet and as the number of people rises, the number of possibilities increases?
I believe that every possible or conceivable act, whether sexual or physical in some way, will be or has been enacted due to the very nature of humans. If we can think it, we can do it. The more people who believe it to be right, the more it will be done and the more likely we are to hear of it happening.

For example: let us take a very controversial topic like peadophilia. Who says it is not natural to want to have sex with children? The Greeks did it. The Romans did it. People still do it.
The only thing which brings this to the fore is that awareness is better today than yesterday. We are more likely to react from a moral perspective than from a physiological perspective because society suggests that sex with children is morally incomprehensible. And I am not saying it is right because there are certain things, even though they are possible and are done all over the world, which dictate a certain amount of moral decency.
But who’s to say what is right and what is wrong? Apart from the philosophers of old. What is right and wrong in my eyes may not be right or wrong in the eyes of the lizard fucking paedophile sitting in the next room.
Is that not a point to consider? Just because I think it is depraved to sleep with goats does not mean it is wrong.
Just because it is the general opinion of the humans on this planet that sleeping with children is morally corrupt does not make it wrong in the eyes of one person. If you are reading this and saying to yourself that I am wrong because I am writing this page, then you are not grasping the concept I am trying to put forward. I do not like tomato ketchup with my fries. I prefer mayonnaise. Is that wrong? Will you now say that there is a world of difference between ketchup and abusing children? Are we looking at “perspective” or are we making a moral judgement based upon society’s view of paedophilia? Is it society who dictates our dos and don’ts? Is it OK to sleep with my sister? What if my personal perspective suggests it is morally incomprehensible for me to have sex with a 12 year old boy but I do not see anything wrong with having a sexual relationship with my 16 year old sister and I’m 32? Could it not be discussed that I am a consequence of my up-bringing and as I was taught at an early age that loving my sister was the way God wanted me to behave, and due to my lack of education and understanding, this was the way in which I chose to show my love? I have never been told that sex with my sister is wrong. Not when you love each other. Even society suggests you should only have sex in a loving relationship.

My point is this: what gives me the right to condemn the actions of another person when everything about that person has to be taken into consideration when discussing their actions? I could not know their background, their education, their influences. Therefore I could not begin to understand what they consider to be appropriate behaviour in certain situations. What if they went to public school in England and were buggered by the older boys for most of their school years? Would it be wrong to suggest they would grow up to be homosexual, or in certain instances, happily married to a loving woman, only to have a secret male lover hidden away somewhere? Why would they be “wrong” when they are only acting upon their experiences as a child? Who could condemn their actions as against nature when as far as they are concerned, they had it done to them and consider it to be natural behaviour?