I’m going to find EVERY verse in the bible and Quran and Torah that talks about women, how to treat them, what their rights are and how often they should be beaten. Then I’m going to write my own version using the opposite ideas. I wonder what it would look like? I suspect a lot like secularism and Humanism.

If one could create a religion based on the feminine (which I know already exists within Paganism), but not from a modern brain perspective, what would the lead cultist look like, behave like?
What would she say to her followers that is different to HOW religions do that today?
Do you see the point?

A new religion based on a woman – on the feminine.

What would it look like? Sounds like? Feel like?

How would it differ from modern religions – patriarchal, obviously? So it would blatantly treat women differently. HOW would it treat them differently?

What qualities would it/she bring to humanity  that we’re missing right now?

Would it be inclusive or separate?

What would a female Jesus be like? A female Mohammed? Buddha? Buddha wouldn’t be too different I bet!

The tricks used in the bible are things like:

Inclusio – In biblical studies, inclusio is a literary device based on a concentric principle, also known as bracketing or an envelope structure, which consists of creating a frame by placing similar material at the beginning and end of a section, although whether this material should consist of a word or a phrase, or whether greater amounts of text also qualify, and of what length the frames section should be, are matters of some debate. Inclusio is found in various sources, both antique and new. The purpose of an inclusio may be structural – to alert the reader to a particularly important theme – or it may be serve to show how the material within the inclusio relates to the inclusio itself.

Euhemerism – Euhemerism is defined as the theory of the Greek writer Euhemerus that the Greek gods were created from real stories about humans and historical events.