Incoherent Nonsense

This is my mate Paul’s idea. He had an opinion on everything, from the obvious to the mundane. As he is no longer with us, I will dedicate this page to his particular brand of wisdom for all to see. For example:


Why do women always get away with murder? If it were a man, they’d be banged up for life, but pretend you’re on your period, or have a kid to look after, you get out of gaol. It’s like having a vagina is an automatic “Get out of jail free” card. So I’m calling it the Vagina Card.

Any time a woman wants to run some poor pedestrians over and avoid gaol, just show the judge your vagina card.

Here is a rare one: a DOUBLE vagina card:

Another Vagina Card here!

Vagina Card Three – This time it’s personal!


Nicola Sturgeon Gets her Own Section

Like this article on her downfall…


Gary was a particular favourite of Paul’s and he loved to point out Lineker’s hypocrisy. Especially when it came to money.

Or his absence from television for one week.

Russia and the War

This is going to be a long section…

If nato and the eu didn’t put there military on the border of Russia we wouldn’t be in this mess it’s not like putin hasn’t been warning us

What would America do if the put misiles on Mexican border we nearly got wiped out in the Cuban module crisis because Russian were puting misiles in Cuba the Americans were not happy

Chechnya and crimea were the warnings

Asylum Seekers

Also the hotels they have taken over they have been sacking the workers and replacing them with G4s staff but Gary doesn’t talk about that…

Article on staff losing jobs

Maybe if the left wing fuckers took into account the effects it has on locals instead of calling people who lost there jobs right wing Nazis


The silliness of those trying to be woke. And how it backfires.


Here’s a story about bona fide aliens… apparently. And then my thoughts on it:


My thoughts on this are: the powers that be know religion is taking a nose dive in popularity. It is now more difficult to control the thoughts and actions of the masses. So they need a new “religion” in order to get the people to tow the line again, and UFO’s are their chosen mass hallucination. You never really remove a habit: you just replace it. Aliens are going to replace gods so the people in charge can control our thinking again, with new UFO information trickling down.