Incoherent Points

A long list of incoherent points

This is my mate Paul’s idea. I’ll fill it up with some of his gems of wisdom. For example:

Why do women always get away with murder? If it were a man, they’d be banged up for life, but pretend you’re on your period, or have a kid to look after, you get out of gaol. It’s like having a vagina is an automatic “Get out of jail free” card. So I’m calling it the Vagina Card.

Any time a woman wants to run some poor pedestrians over and avoid gaol, just show the judge your vagina card.

Here is a rare one: a DOUBLE vagina card:

Another Vagina Card here!

Vagina Card Three – This time it’s personal!

Here’s a story about bona fide aliens… apparently. And then my thoughts on it:


My thoughts on this are: the powers that be know religion is taking a nose dive in popularity. It is now more difficult to control the thoughts and actions of the masses. So they need a new “religion” in order to get the people to tow the line again, and UFO’s are their chosen mass hallucination. You never really remove a habit: you just replace it. Aliens are going to replace gods so the people in charge can control our thinking again, with new UFO information trickling down.