Latin Curses

Here are some curse words in Latin

  • Faex – shit
  • Deodamnatus – damnit!
  • Cunne – Cunt
  • Filius Canis – Son of a bitch (dog)
  • Fututus et mori in igni – Fuck off and die in a fire
  • Futuere – Get Fucked
  • Futue te ipsi – fuck you
  • Ede faecum – eat shit
  • Morde meum globes – bite my balls

This kind of thing is always hard. For example, futuo does mean “fuck”, but it’s generally used of a male on a female, and it’s not really a negative thing. But running with it anyway:

  1. Wrong. faex is the root of the English “faeces”, but in Latin it just means the dregs or sediment of something.

  2. This has been made from deo + damnatus, so “condemned by god”, but I’m not convinced that it would equate to the English “damn it”.

  3. Correct. landica would be even more obscene.

  4. Almost correct, but since I assume you’re calling someone this, it needs to be fili canis. (You can’t really do anything other than call people names like this without knowing how the words work).

  5. “Having been fucked, and to die in a fire”. Get rid of et and change mori to morere or moritor.

  6. Correct.

  7. This assumes that the English “fuck you!” is using the imperative, which I don’t think it is. It’s more like a kind of weird subjunctive-y thing. At any rate, this would probably be understood as “fuck yourself”, which is nice. Needs to be ipsum, though.

  8. faecam is not a word. It’d be faeces, and wrong (see 1).

  9. Should be globos meos morde, and I don’t think globi holds the same connotations as balls. Try coleos.

  10. Same problem with futuo.

  11. Literally, the closest English word is actually skullfucker, but it does have the same insulting sense as “bastard”.

  12. Correct.

  13. Should be facio.

  14. Fine.

  15. Correct. (Literally correspondent to the English “working girl”).

  16. Correct.

  17. Correct, but the word order would sound weird.

  18. obscenum vile (possibly unless you’re talking about a male prostitute, in which case obscene vilis, but I’m not sure at all on this one).

  19. mundus stercoris would work better, and this is quite a creative one. Literally “a universe of shit”.

  20. See 9.

  21. Correct.

  22. Correct, though the problem of connotations is especially apparent for this one.

  23. Correct.

  24. See 7.

  25. “Your head is in an old woman”? I’d go with in culo.

  26. “Perish!”, as an order given to multiple people. Problem is that it’s not really that insulting. Also happens to be the word for “skilfully”.

  27. Correct.

  28. Correct.

  29. Correct.

  30. scronium does not appear to actually be a word…

  31. Correct.

  32. Almost, but needs to be vocative, obese porce.

  33. Should be fututor.