Machines Taking Over

I heard a radio debate the other day about what would happen if or when machines take over. The people contributing were not the highest level thinkers. The lead philosopher must have been a very patient man!

So what if machines DID take over?

It would change the education system

We’d get our identity from our passion

We would be feee to pursue any avenue

We would develop community for the connections.

And then this guy disagrees with me:

‘Within 30 years, half of humanity won’t have a job,’ he said.

‘It could get ugly – there could be a revolution.’

Martinez claims this will lead to revolt, mass chaos and armed conflict, also adding that bullets will become the currency of America.

It might in countries such as America where all they need to rise up in arms is for a police officer to kill a young man perfectly legally and for a community to become “offended” by his death, even though he was a known criminal, drug dealer, owned illegal weapons and so on.

But for European countries, I suspect the advent of Universal Basic Income and a Star Trek Utopia is a boon to their thinking.