Menu for Life

What if we could see a menu before our lives begin?
Like at a restaurant before you begin your meal, you are presented with a menu of the possible choices the house has to offer.
What if there is a universal menu system and unbeknownst to us, we choose which course we would like our lives to take before we are born? Some people take the easy option and choose from a range of set courses, knowing exactly what they will eat before they begin their first course. Right up to what kind of coffee they will be presented with after they have finished eating. They eat greedily and never really pay attention to the food on their plate: how it is prepared, how it is selected and how it is presented. 

Other people like to plan each course beforehand, choosing from the selection in front of them, sticking to the main choices. They know what they are having and are comfortable in the knowledge they chose it and have full anticipation of when the next course will begin. They appreciate what the chef has gone through to get this dish to their table and how much effort he put in to make their meal a happy experience. 

The third kind of person takes a look at the menu and decides he likes the first option in the Hors D’eurves but isn’t keen on the others and can’t yet make his mind up which second course he would like, so he asks the waiter of life to bring him the menu again once he has finished his starter. He takes his time eating and savours each mouthful. He fully appreciates life isn’t going to get better than this. He is in control and is appreciative of the time and effort gone into preparing a meal just for him. Especially one dish at a time. Once he has finished each course, he then thinks about what to eat next and with the menu back in his hand, he carefully makes his selection. 

The final kind of person takes a look at the menu and decides he likes nothing at all from the selection. He throws the menu over his shoulder and says to the waiter: “Do you have a pen? This is what I want.” 

Which kind of person are you?
Which course would you choose?
Who’s table would you like to eat at?