My Image Ideas

What if Fat Face and FCUK combined to create a modern clothing line for the average UK teen? Have you noticed how fat they are? I think this would be a perfect combined logo:

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And for all those people who own an iWatch, the only thing missing from it on the “exercise” angle, is the following activity. It also says something about those people who own one! I own one…


No martial art is complete without the requisite accompanying noises. So, if you train in any style, perhaps you should attend this seminar? Scare off your opponent before you even raise a fist!

Wing Chun Noises

As a budding and enthusiastic DIY guy, I’m often complimented on my creations. The only draw-back, according to my friends is that everything I make is just a little bit crap. So, even though I think Norm is great, I’ve stolen his logo to make my own. This will hang up outside my new shed this summer.


I was trying to explain sexuality to my kids. Nothing is black and white, but I struggled with the Trannies!


How about this? It’s called an ambigram.


I put in some new bookshelves in my study. I have always fancied an extensive library in my house. I think I have about 900 books on this one now!


How are we supposed to know what the hell is going on with the one thing we are supposed to trust – music – giving us such huge mixed messages?


And with America becoming more and more right wing religitarded, how long will it be before the very Christian organisation, the KKK has its own line of women’s wear?

In keeping with the American theme above, I thought this was clever. But then, I would!

My mate bought a new Audi S4. I had to show him the hidden driver setting…

Thinking and Chemistry are the only important things in the universe:

Unless you’re a male chemist, then it might be this: