I have become much more aware of my time on this earth.

I am ever more conscious of the moment.

At any given time, I simply look around me and try to take in as much of the “moment” as I can.

I get much more out of the very second I am in.

We are not a future, nor a past. All we are is a series of never-ending moments.

This consciousness allows me to appreciate every second of my day. I take the time to think about the moment and to appreciate where I am, what I am doing and how long it could last.

By doing this, I am now better equipped on my drive to work every day.

I sit in the car knowing it will take an hour or more to get there, but I am happy in the moment as I appreciate the company of the radio, the slowness of the traffic not hurtling me towards my destination of my work place, the rain or the sunshine.

I dislike the other drivers around me, but can accept them more so now because I am aware it will only be for a little while longer…

Whilst at my place of work, I sit and contemplate the time (day-dreaming?).

If I am involved in something I don’t want to do (often), I simply take the time to consider what I will be doing later that day, hence making my current moment feel less “permanent”.

If I am involved in something interesting, challenging or stimulating, I take the time to stop and think about where I am, how I’m enjoying it and how the moment feels to me.

But my enjoyment of the moment is a conscious thing. I am expressing my gratitude to the universe in my own way. I am aware I am in that moment as a direct result of my own decisions so it could be contrived, but it wouldn’t be unfair to think that I am patting myself on the back for my own work well done!

I am more aware of my mood, my actions, their causes, reactions, results, problems, time, nothing, being, not being, fun, sorrow and as much else as can be expressed, influenced, felt, understood in any one moment.

It makes you realise the impermanence of any situation and can positively affect your state of mind, as you begin not to take things for granted. You understand change and impermanence.

Nothing is a surprise to you. You can expect nothing from the moment.

With a series of moments, what makes one different from the next is your expected outcome.

If you take away an expectation and simply “be” in the moment, you will feel how liberating this can be.