Politics is a Game

If politics were a game of chess:

The MP’s are the back row of the chess board, and the people are the pawns. Labour is black. The Tories are white. Each MP has a designated move that he or she cannot deviate from (think of governmental position or office). The king (PM) dictates the play. He (albeit she) says when it’s right to sacrifice MP’s strategically in order to gain advantage of a section of the board. He’s looking at the whole board, not just the section in question.

The pawns can’t see the whole board so they rile up against the loss of their Knight. They aggregate around him and defend his position, which takes pawns from the middle of the board and leaves a gap.

That’s when the other team’s Queen sees an opportunity and moves in for the checkmate.

If only the pawns hadn’t knee-jerk reacted! The knight is safe, but the game is lost because the king was always looking at the bigger board. And sacrificing a few pawns here and there to gain control of it is simply collateral damage!