Problem Solving

Considering my PhD is about this very thing, and I didn’t know who Jaques or Commons was back then, I think I was doing OK…

What is the difference between problem solving at a variety of levels?

Is it macro versus micro? If a person held a position which required the daily solving of problems at a level within the business which is sufficiently low to warrant real responsibility, would that directly reflect on his ability to make the relevant decisions?

Could he be transposed to a higher business position and continue to make decisions befitting his new status or would his elevated status reflect on his mental attitude and restrict his ability to make those decisions which would prove to be insufficient in this elevated role? 

Would the exposure to a new environment, new objectives and a different outlook influence not only the decisions themselves, but the process via which those decisions would be made? In the new role then, would it stand to reason that factors not considered before would take precedence over their absence in the previous decision-making role to the extent that they directly influence the decisions as well as the method, thus making not only his decision befit the role, his over-all outlook rise to the occasion?