Russian Union

With everything that is going on in the EU right now, with Greece, Spain and Italy and other southern countries regarding loans and their inability to repay them, Greece actually looked towards Russia for some solidarity recently.

At this point, I made an observation that Greece could align with Russia due to their religious orthodox commonalities, and could, in time, start a new Union to rival that of the EU. This got me thinking. Here is a list of European countries NOT in the EU.

Gibraltar (UK territory)
Isle of Man (UK territory)
Jersey (UK territory)
Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of)
San Marino
Vatican City

That’s a big list, and taking out the obvious countries, or states, such as The Vatican and the Isle of Man, it is entirely possible that should Greece decide they no longer want to be ruled by Germany, they could instead join forces with Russia, to form their own coalition.
There are a large number of countries above who would potentially queue up to join their new union. We crave acceptance and belonging. Why wouldn’t they join a new Union?

It would rival the European Union and have the Ruble as its currency. It would enter the world financial stage as an alternative to the European trading bloc, and could potentially form a trading alliance with China more favourable than our current agreement, due to their mutual political bent.

It would pit its currency directly against the Euro and the Dollar and the Pound, and become a powerhouse in world trade. Think of the oil and gas in Russia alone… depleting, I know.

Finally, with Jeremy Corbyn leading the Labour Party in the UK, it is entirely possible that he would take us out of Europe, as he has said many times, and set us up to join the Russian Union as part of his Communist politics.

I’m just saying….