Star Trek Utopia

A Star Trek utopia is often cited as the way forward for the human race, where money is no longer the driving force for humanity, but the betterment of self. What would it take to create and develop such an outlook on life, the economy and humanity as this ideal would depict? Let’s look at how this thinking would break down.

Is it possible for a society to want to make a profit only to give it away to those who need it the most? Dale Carnegie said as much. Bill and Melinda Gates have said the same.

Dale Carnegie said he was going to spend the first half of his life making the money, so he could spend the second half giving it away.

What would it take for a corporation to want to make a profit and then channel that profit into humanitarian endeavours? We hear so much about how banks want to make money for shareholders. How do we make every human a shareholder of a new ideology that combines the equality of Communism with the greed and hubris of Capitalism, a free market economy that benefits everyone within?

It’s not about making a profit and then giving it away like the examples above: it’s about cultivating a desire to add value to humanity on a global scale, understanding that equality is not going to be possible for at least 100 years, and recognising that for all those people who have experienced privilege, equality is going to feel like oppression.

How do we cultivate this mindset? How does Bill and Melinda Gates see it? Watch this video.

The point about government in this debate is that the highest earners are taxed at such a level as is deemed appropriate and it is this taxation that is then for the benefit of everyone. But we are seeing this not being the case more and more. You only have to look at the list of companies in the UK who turn over and earn billions in the UK market yet who only pay below-minimal taxation. How is this “fair”?

We know “fairness” isn’t a real thing. It’s a lower level value that doesn’t hold up to scrutiny as it is too subjective. What’s fair to me, isn’t fair to you. Is it fair to tax someone who has made millions, only to give it all away to poor people? Then this entire problem needs to be rethought and reframed.

I think Star Trek nails it with this video. Sorry it’s not embedded but click it anyway. It’s 20 seconds long.

On another note: how could we mandate this into government policy for the benefit of everyone?