Everyone hates it. Everyone says we pay too much. Everyone complains that the roads and hospitals and police are under-staffed, under funded and under the govern of Labour! 

Has anyone worked out the actual percentage of 100 pounds gross we earn, we take home? Once we have paid tax on income, pensions, petrol to get home from work, VAT on the car, tax on our food, clothes, probably the air we breathe; has anyone actually worked out what we are left with to buy “luxury” items?

What about if we had a system where the government taxed us at a much higher rate, one more in keeping with the money we pay out today, but instead of having to pay for things like petrol, roads, car tax etc, what if it were all free?
We could fill up at the petrol station for nothing. We could ride that bus to work for no money. We could go to hospital and not worry about waiting lists as there would be enough funding to eliminate them.
Would it work? Would there be inherent problems due to people always wanting more than their fare share? Would there always be some selfish bastard who takes more than they need?

You are thinking about the petrol idea right now! Suppose I only do 20 miles per week but my neighbour does 300. He will fill up more times than I would. He would also use the roads more. So why should I pay the same tax as him for something I will use only one tenth of the time he uses it?
Don’t we do that now with the NHS? I’m never sick. I never use the hospital. Why can’t I opt out of funding it and keep the cash?