Weaker Sex

The Weaker Sex?

Men are the unfortunate creatures.
On the Oprah Winfrey show there were a number of women who had set up their husbands to test their fidelity. They may as well have been digging a grave for their marriage.
The reason is simple: If there is a beautiful woman in the middle of a room any man will be attracted to look at her, not necessarily attracted to her. If this woman asked out any of the men, whether it be for a dinner conversation or full blown sex, he, as the weaker gender would not be able to resist. I put the question to a female friend of mine: if a man came up to you, a man you found attractive and asked you if you would like to have sex; the best sex you have had for a very long time and no-one would find out for definite, would you accept? And she answered to the negative. I then tried to explain to her that that is the difference between man and woman. He would invariably take the proposition up because that is in his nature. And if someone did find out, he would deny it until he could deny it no more.
If you put the question to any man would he have sex with this woman, beautiful or not, as long as no one found out, he would do it.
I told my girlfriend, after discussing the Oprah Winfrey show that I would not take the opportunity to have sex with a woman just because she has come on to me. She asked what made me different from any other man and I believe the following:

A man is not defined by his physical stature. He is more often assessed on his mental prowess and his ability to reason. This seems to be discarded when the opposite sex is in the picture. More so when the woman is very attractive. Unless you are familiar with the company of attractive women, then a man will feel insecure about his company, questioning his ability as a man in the situation of conversation and accompaniment. The difference between me and other men, I would like to tell my girlfriend is that I have a more intellectual philosophy to the reasoning process. I have been around attractive women, had them come on to me and declined in the past. Just because a woman is attractive (to me) and is flirting with me, doesn’t automatically mean that I will fall for her methods as I have a better ability to reason the pros and cons of a situation. Especially if I had a girlfriend or a wife. The loss is not worth the one nightstand, whether anyone will find out or not, as they always do.

Oprah is single-handedly segregating men from women in the United States. She is pushing them away from each other. The reaction of the audience when the men open their mouths to substantiate their story emphasises the opinion of women in general that men are just lying because they are men. If they are not to be believed when trying to reason with the audience, why should the man try to fulfil the requests of his spouse when his story will be denied as a cover-up or a frail attempt to cover his retreat from the inevitable truth that he must have been fooling around because what man wouldn’t?!
In that case, a woman should not try to trap a man because, truth or lie, he will invariably fail…