The way I see it is that winning and losing are essentially the same thing.
You cannot win at something without first sacrificing something which either you or another holds to be important.
If you win a race, you win the admiration of those around you for simply being the fastest.
But you lose the admiration of those whom you have just beaten. They envy you. They dislike you because they now see your win as a boast. Temporarily…

If you win an argument, do you really maintain the respect of the person you have just shot down in flames? If you won it that way…
What is it you actually win?

If you lose, what is it you actually lose?
In Japan, they say that to lose everything is not to lose face. But to lose face is to lose everything.
Is there a measure of what you win and what could be considered a pyrrhic victory?
When you win, can you actually lose?

Are winning and losing the same thing?