Gay Marriage

The problem with gay marriage isn’t that gay people want to marry. It’s that the human race hasn’t changed in the last 100,000 years as homosexuality has always been prevalent in humans, as well as 1450 other species on the planet.

The problem lies with the temporary religions of this planet who have failed to keep up. Their oppressive tenets of control and policing have been left behind in a modern society that has woken up to their oppressive behaviours. Religion was written by man in order to control man. Marriage is a man-made concept.

Partnership is human. Some people think that it is their right to have their partnership recognised by the state and from a human perspective, it is. You pick and choose the parts of the bible that best represent your own beliefs about your identity and values.

These include your own biases and prejudices. If you didn’t do this, you would never shave, or eat shell fish, or you would stone your children for being disobedient and your brother for working on the sabbath.

If you oppose gay marriage on religious grounds, I would take that as an opportunity to seriously look at yourself introspectively and determine which parts of your own sexuality you are repressing for whatever reason.It doesn’t mean you’re gay: it means you are conflicted about how you think about the most natural process on the planet, and our basest urge as humans.

Here is an interesting study on ultra-heterosexual men:

The researchers had a quite simple conclusion:

Men with a high homonegativity score looked significantly longer at homosexual than at heterosexual photographs.