Anecdotally, I have a theory about ghosts and energies. It goes like this. Please bare with:

In 1942, a murder occurred in my house. See the news article at the bottom of this page. The male owner shot his girlfriend 4 times and then tried to kill himself by shooting himself in the head, but he missed. He was very drunk. Over the last ten years, I have heard gun shots, my 12 year old son has heard gun shots, and my mother-in-law has heard multiple gun shots. My wife’s cousin heard a man’s voice saying “hello” many times at 5am when he stayed over. My daughter heard footsteps and doors slamming at 4am.

I also heard a man say “morning” to me just as I was waking up one morning. I even replied to him, and then realised I was talking to myself! Collectively we have heard the piano stool moving behind me in the hallway, crashing objects and so on.

Another story to further my thinking on this was that my wife’s uncle was wearing his father’s watch. Her uncle is over 70 years of age, so his own father is dead. He went downstairs to tell his wife, who was asleep on the sofa. Being old and inconsiderate, he woke her to tell her about the watch. She woke with a start and told him she saw his father standing behind him at that very moment.

There are many more stories like this, and the common theme all is that in each case, the person was at the point of almost asleep/awake.

This makes me consider the brain waves occurring at this point. Theta waves between 4hz to 8hz are the most likely at a point of sleep/awake, which got me thinking: what is it at this frequency that allows our brains to become receptive to the energies in my house? Or any house. I don’t think the Alpha range would be the appropriate one as the brain would be too awake.

As a scientist, and a PhD psychologist, I cannot explain what I have experienced. BUT, if I can put it into the above terms and say that at certain frequencies, it is possible that my brain is tapping in to the energy memories of my Victorian house, or my wife’s aunt was open to the frequency of her dead father-in-law’s energy ‘contained’ in his watch, I am more open to the possibility of “apparitions” we call “ghosts” due to the frequency of our brain waves at the moment of experiencing them. Is there any research out there that might suggest apparitions operate at the theta range of frequencies? If not, why not?

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