10 Signs You Get Turned On By Intelligence

Being sapiosexual means you are attracted more to the mind than to the physical features of someone.

You find intelligence extremely sexy. Someone who overuses their brain more than their body is the type of person that turns you on.

What’s more, you value beautiful souls over beautiful faces. Money and power have nothing on remarkable minds and thrilling personalities.

Here are the 10 most telling signs you are a true sapiosexual.

1. You enjoy deep conversations.

One deep meaningful conversation means much more than a hundred small talks for you. The kind of conversation that stimulates your mind inspires you. This makes the person you are talking to utterly attractive.

2. You value intellect over physical appearance.

Intelligence turns you on. Of course, the first thing you see in a person is their physical appearance. However, you go beyond that, and your main focus is on people’s intellect. If they lack intelligence, you won’t take them seriously, regardless of their looks.

3. You appreciate emotional intelligence.

You know the struggle someone has to go through to gain a certain level of emotional intelligence. That’s why you appreciate it so much. People with the most beautiful minds have learned most painful life lessons. Their strength to move on and use this pain in their favor definitely draws your attention. (DON’T agree with this one)

4. You take your time to get to know people.

People become more attractive to you with time. The more you get to know someone, the more you fall for their intelligence. And this someone might even be a person you weren’t into at the beginning. What makes others appealing for you is the way they see the world, and that’s why you need time to truly get to know them.

5. Bad grammar or slang words grind your gears.

You keep your distance from people who don’t know the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’. What’s more, you roll your eyes every time you see ‘wyd’ in a text message. On the other hand, whenever you meet someone who is grammatically correct in both text and face-to-face conversations, you are immediately attracted to them.

6. You don’t believe in love at first sight.

For you, love-at-first-sight is almost impossible, because you can’t imagine yourself falling for someone only for their looks. You need to truly be impressed by someone’s mind before you catch feelings. That’s what’s slowing down the process of falling in love for you.

7. You are picky for your partners.

Your friends and family will definitely agree on this one. The people around you think you are picky because they don’t understand why it takes so much time for you to settle down. Their minds don’t work like yours, and they find this a bit odd. What they don’t really get is you need time to get to truly know someone until you let them close to your heart and your highly sensitive soul.

8. Material things don’t impress you.

While most of the people value money and possessions more than moral principles, you function exactly the opposite way. You don’t really care about the financial status of someone. You are more interested in the investments they make for their minds and souls.

9. You constantly crave new knowledge.

You aspire to anything that increases your intelligence and widens your horizons. That’s why you fancy people who constantly work on their self-growth, and are brave enough to welcome any challenge on their way. The perfect date for you would include a deep meaningful conversation, plus lots of eye-gazing and intellectual teasing. That’s why one-night-stands just don’t work for you.

10. You are a great listener.

Your listening skills are incredible. One of the things you enjoy the most is listening to someone’s wildest dreams and extraordinary thoughts about the meaning of life. Not only this helps you see various points of view, but seeing someone passionately talking about exciting and knowledgeable topics, makes you awfully attracted to them.

Book Stores over Bars

I use the example of bookstores and bars because it’s a common enough cliché, but the point here is that you care about where you go. One thing about sapiosexuals that rings true across the board is that they are into substance. Not just in how they spend their time, but in who they spend it with. If you’d rather spend a day wandering through a new museum than spend a night getting hit on by jerks, chances are, you’re more of a sapiosexual than you think you are.

Witty Banter over Mundane Conversation

Conversations on dates, especially first dates, can be the highest form of tedium known to modern man. First dates are more like job interviews most times. The sapiosexual in us need not only good conversation but truly witty banter. Banter meaning you are trading comments like boxers trade jabs. Banter isn’t just talking, it’s thinking on your feet in vocal form. The key here is not just that you can communicate, but that you can do it creatively. If sarcasm is the language in which you choose to communicate in, chances are, that you are a sapiosexual.

Silence over Small Talk

Sometimes, the best conversations are the ones where nothing is said at all. This is the case when you’re actually in a relationship with someone and there isn’t a need to fill every single moment of silence with conversation. Sometimes you just want to be in your own head for a minute. To think, or daydream, or just relax and enjoy the moment. If the idea of being able to snuggle on a couch and read together is your idea of heaven, chances are, that you are a sapiosexual.

Substance over Popularity

The last thing most people who qualify as sapiosexuals are interested in is whatever is trendy. Sure, you might find a sapiosexual at a night club, but I can almost guarantee they don’t want to be there. Sapiosexuals don’t always run with the “pack” like others do. Again, it boils down to how you spend your time that matters the most. Sapiosexuals tend to care about what the people they date are into, because it is a sign of who they are as a person. If you’ve ever ranked a date based solely on the choice of location, chances are, that you are a sapiosexual.

Taste over Trends

Again, sapiosexuals tend to value substance over what is popular. This means they prefer things like a live music venue made for 100 people listening to a band no one has ever heard of, over a stadium rock show with some top 40 band. Individual taste is important. You have to make sure that the person you are dating, at the very least, has similar tastes if only to ensure that you can go on a road trip together with having to endure terrible music. More importantly, taste in music and movies is all about who you are as an individual. If you’ve ever quit talking to a potential mate based on their CD collection, chances are, that you are a sapiosexual.

Grammar over Selfies

This is a weird one, but a big one for some people. With the advent of texting, I think it is important to maintain control over the written language. There are few things that turn me off quite like a text that requires a Rosetta stone and a search on Urban Dictionary to decipher. Don’t even get me started on emoji’s… If nothing is sexier to you than the correct usage of “there” and “their”, chances are very high that you are a sapiosexual.