Important Web Sites

These are some of the more important web sites on the Interweb. Enjoy!

There’s no such thing as “Spiritual”…

The fact that you believe is enough to influence you.

There are NO miracles anywhere, ever!

12 Savage Deaths in the buybull… no morality here!

The Human Connectome

The Brain – a map

A model of hierarchical behaviour

Future of Life Institute

On the Possibility of Panexperientialism

On Alfred Korzybski

Thought Leaders

The Tavistock Institute

Think Dif – some good stuff here.

Christopher Hitchens (pbuh) rewrites the 10 Commandments brilliantly.

The Bible Plagiarised?

And the myth of Jesus. He was simply a carbon copy of an older Egyptian myth.

If you’re not sure where Christianity gets all its holidays, check this site out. It’s Paganism, by the way!

And the historicity of Christianity. There isn’t much of it, to be honest.

And how about this! Actually choosing to have no kids is a thing!

This is interesting. Lots of fallacies in religion.