Religion Explained?

How about this article from the American Psychological Association? I’ve been advocating the neuroscience of belief as a foundational argument for a number of years now.

Also, A recent book suggests something that I have been working on for a number of years now regarding “belief”. It is called: “The 16 Strivings for God” and can be found on Amazon. It says that all religions fulfil the following basic human strivings:

Physical activity
Social contact

I won’t go into the reasons behind the author’s findings, as you can do that yourself when you buy his book, but I will say that I think he has missed out a very important section. It is this:

Superstition is a function of the brain. God is a symptom of this function. The fact that one believes anything at all is meta to the points made above.

And what about morality coming from god? Here is a visual image for you:


I’ll add the following link to my links page, but thought it appropriate here too. The Blasphemy of Bibliolatry is an excellent web site. Go check it out.

And another article, albeit from the very famous and well-renowned science journal: the Daily Mail.

Chimpanzee cared for disabled child

The first (and only comment at this point) is very telling, and echoes my thoughts:

“Altruism amongst the apes explains and lot about how we developed in society. It’s a real killer for the Religious, because here is a creature that doesn’t have a book telling it how to behave or be kind yet it does so out of a feeling of mutual benefit. Always makes me laugh when Religious people argue that the ten commandments give humans morals ..or else!! Yet primitive tribes that have never even read a book form relationships and societal laws that basically follow the golden rule…ALL without a book or some imaginary friend threatening them to be good. People are good without god/s. Ask any Religious apologist if they would be running round willy nilly raping and murdering if they didn’t have a book to tell them it was wrong. 🙂 hehe” – Gortman, Brisbane, Australia

The Golden Rule is very simple, and it’s the only real tenet I teach my children:

Don’t be a cock!


Or, to put it another way: do whatever you want as long as you don’t hurt any one.

What more do you need to know?

If you want direct contradictions and terrible verses in the bible, go to this page.

And one more photo that explains the buy bull in one image!