Links to Usefulness

Here are some of my useful links. No order, just for fun.

Have you heard of the Square-Cube Law? Well, you should as it’s useful in arguments.

Why are psychics dying out?

THIS is why you shouldn’t trust Astrology…. I mean, as if!

Freedom of Speech is imperative. EVERY idea should be questioned.

The Q source – Did you know this? I didn’t…

How about an alternative religion? Pastafarianism…

If the world were just 100 people. Superb video!

Marcus Brigstocke takes on religion. Loving it!

Bill Nye destroys the ridiculousness of Noah’s Ark. Silly Christians…

James Randi tells it how it is. No, you can’t talk to dead people.

Ever need a list of philosophers, alphabetically arranged? Here’s one!

What about a lot of philosophy in a tidy little package?  Squashed Philosophers.

If you’ve ever wondered about the bible and how wrong it is, this is a great site.

And the contradictions in the Qur’an. Wouldn’t want to be single-minded in my religious fervour…

A web site for those people tired of the political elite. Non-Partisan Party.

Iglu & Hartly – awesome song 🙂

Atheists and charity. Christians are very mean! – Ethics Link

If you’re thinking about starting your own business, buy this book!

More Neurological reasons for there not being a god!

More bullshit from the Quran…

How about a MASSIVE list of books that question Jeebus?

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