Old Philosophy

Here are some of my older pages from the 90’s. It’s interesting to see how my thinking and writing has changed over time.

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  • We are not predisposed to being nice to each other. We have to pretend most of the time.
  • We are not predisposed to being spiritual. We have to work at it.
  • We do not need to feel anything for any other country or nation in turmoil
  • There is no Human Rights Act that applies to us
  • There is no God. He is there for insecure people.
  • I can accept that when we die, we cease to be. That’s it. The End.
  • I know there are certain truthes which apply to the various races, creeds and cultures. It doesn’t make me a bigot to believe they are true just because they are generalisations.
  • Women are better at everything than men. Get used to it.
  • Men are the reason the world is in such a bad way.
  • We will kill ourselves eventually. We will not overcome our nature.
  • Humans are simply animals. We bow down to our human nature by definition. Our intellects only afford us a small ascendancy.
  • These are not really a philosophy.
  • I’m a hypocrite. So are you.
  • I’m rude. So are you.
  • People like me. People dislike me. I’m happy. The same applies to you. Be happy.
  • I’m arrogant. Most of us are.
  • I can be kind. But I do it through choice, as do you. You are not normally kind.
  • I do everything for me. If it makes me feel good in any way, that is why I do it. So do you.
  • I’m no better than you. But it doesn’t stop me thinking I’m much better than you.
  • Of course I’m going to judge you before we even meet, talk or shake hands.
  • Disliking someone based on the colour of their skin isn’t wrong. But it’s not right either.
  • We can dislike whomever we chose to dislike. There’s no law that says we have to like each other.
  • Do-gooders are what keeps our country uncivilised. Discipline brings civility and order to a country.
  • Those who want asylum seekers seldom have to live near them. Who says we should house them anyway?
  • Show me your morals and I’ll show you mine. They are not necessarily the same.
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